Koen’s approach
foto van Koen de Kruif

We are facing all kinds of problems in the world. At this moment we usually ignore them. But who is willing to explain to children and grandchildren that we knew about these problems and didn’t do anything about it? The climate change, the carrying capacity of our Planet Earth and our strange habits to throw everything away.

During my professional training I decided to work on a position between education, government and entrepreneurship. Many of my research and professional projects focused on company processes, production and emissions and the possibilities to make these more sustainable and environmental friendly.

In de past 30 years I saw an increase in environmental pressure and an increase of urgency to find solutions to the problems. We have to reduce our ecological footprint to the carrying capacity. I can support persons, groups and companies in addressing the challenges from our activities. My approach is based on optimism that there are solutions; on overview of integral possibilities to solve the challenges; and on finding the solutions together, knowing the goal and the way.

My experience developed in:

  • universities, as a University Teacher ‘Environmental science and management’ and a environmental scientific researcher;
  • governmental organisations at local, regional, central and international level;
  • my position as owner of the company Ekoalot.

I have been working as an EU projectleader in 12 CEE countries and more than 50 projects. Together with you I would like to work on solutions of urgent problems. Are you the next expert on sustainable and circular approaches? Send me an email and I will contact you as quickly as possible.