Voorbeelden van projecten in Afrika

Elk jaar studeren jonge mensen uit Afrika aan de Erasmus universiteit bij het IHS, het internationale institute for housing and sustainable environment. Vanaf 2014 begeleid ik daar steeds een aantal van op het gebied van afvalbeheer, waterbeheer en duurzame bedrijvigheid. Deze masterstudenten kwamen onder andere uit Ethiopië, Ghana en Nigeria.

Beschrijving van het masterprogramma

The cities of today are complex with interrelated economic, social, environmental and physical challenges which need to be balanced in the ever-changing urban environment. Contemporary cities need competent urban managers with skills in action and strategic planning, policy analysis, research methods and negotiation and communication to be able to integrate their knowledge within and manage the complex urban multidisciplinary environment.

The intensive 12-month MSc in Urban Management and Development is designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills to become competent urban managers by offering an in-depth insight into urban issues, policies and trends around the world through a blend of lectures with case studies, discussions, working groups, group assignments and field visits and field work. The master programme is divided into three main periods: a core period, a specialization period and a thesis period.

Throughout the course, students participate in interactive lectures, workshops and discussions, engage in group and individual exercises, analyse cases, give presentations and write papers and essays which aim to deepen their knowledge about the concepts and theory. The training methodology of the programme includes field visits, fieldwork, simulation games, discussions, best practices and case studies.



Voorbeelden van masterthesis van projecten door Afrikaanse IHS studenten.